Julia Song Brought Her Winning Moves in Brazilian Politics to the United States

Julia Song helped build the populist movement in Brazil, but she never thought she would need to bring her political fire to the U.S.


Julia Song is blowing up.

On Twitter, Song’s pinned post has over 20,000 likes.

Many have seen Song’s viral tweets on defeating socialism in Brazil and helping to elect Jair Bolsonaro.

But what’s the story behind Song’s success, her drive to dominate in politics, and her move to the U.S.?

Song answered all those questions in an exclusive interview with Culttture.

“My mom was a campaign attorney for the right, so she had difficulty finding employment with the government after the leftists took power, and as you know in a socialist government,” Song told Culttture, “Small businesses are taxed to death and government becomes the biggest employer, so we had rough times and became some of the first ones to feel the changes. Over time the whole population started to feel the weight of their policies and most were living in extreme poverty and the state was incredibly violent.”

A Brazilian favela

“All of these things got worse with time and I started looking for answers why and I discovered it was due to public policy. Few movements started rising up and I joined them from the beginning. We started putting together protests with hundreds of thousands to a million people hitting the streets constantly, asking for the government to be investigated (and investigating/exposing them ourselves). As our judiciary is in the most part independent from the executive,” Song continued, “and our military had a long history of being a conservative nation, the executive power felt isolated and once it was proven that they had engaged in corrupt acts we were able to take them out of power before they became a dictatorship, which opened space for now democratically elected President Bolsonaro.”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and President Donald J. Trump

Song has posted some of the pictures of the massive populist uprising that helped elect Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency in Brazil.

Song came to the U.S. initially to visit family, and on one of her visits a family friend suggested she apply for a job here. Song was offered the job and decided to stay.

Song told Culttture she was “tired of being heavily involved in politics in Brazil, it was physically and mentally draining as we were literally on the streets dealing with all kinds of backlash from the government.”

But Song saw in America the same signs “leading up to the socialists taking over in Brazil and now that I look back and analyze them, I can clearly see that they were a series of events planned to allow for the end result of a socialist government.”

Song never thought she would be involved in politics in the U.S. “I thought America was the freest country and would never fall for it so I didnt need to be involved here. But upon further inspection, all of those leading signs I recognized from before I was seeing and I decided I had to get involved otherwise America would too fall for their fallacies.”

Seeing potential political disaster, Song took action.

“I created an Instagram account and gathered as many followers as possible in 2016 from the beginning of the year, and started posting original content exposing Hillary and the left as often as I could. My page grew to thousands and thousands of followers and I made connections that broadened my knowledge of politics in the USA. I now continue using social media, am involved in grassroots and party movements, Republican groups, write articles, give speeches and show up occasionally on TV or YouTube channels to speak of the dangers of socialism.”

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Andrew Meyer