Kamala Harris’s Press Secretary Called me “Alt-Right.” I’m an Orthodox Jew

After Harris's press secretary Ian Sams published a racist attack against Ali Alexander, he associated me with the "alt-right."

For over a week, I have been writing about prominent conservative Ali Alexander exposing Democrat Kamala Harris and her fraudulent claims to African-American heritage.

Harris’s parents do not descend from African-Americans, but from India and a Jamaican family whose ancestors owned slaves.

Yesterday, Harris’s press secretary Ian Sams published a racist attack against Alexander for discussing the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement, and Harris’s false claims to ADOS heritage.

I wrote a story calling out Sams’s racist attack. How did Sams respond?

He associated me with the alt-right. “Alt-right” has been used synonymously by Democrats and the media since 2016 to mean “racist, ” “white supremacist,” and “anti-Semitic.”

I’m a Jew.

I have been working for years to help young disaffected American men see the good in Americans of all backgrounds.

I have debated popular YouTubers that are hyper-critical of Jews and helped many in their audience to realize there are good and bad people in every group in society.

To see Kamala Harris’s press secretary ignorantly - or worse, maliciously - smear me as being associated with the alt-right was infuriating.

To Ian Sams, I offer you a good faith opportunity to apologize.

As my heritage informs me, to forgive is divine. I forgive you, Ian Sams. For the sake of peace in the world, show Americans the right way forward after mistakenly slandering a political opponent.

As Americans, we can not keep calling people we disagree with “alt-right” or “Nazi” simply because we disagree. It is causing serious hate and division in the world.

Heal the divide, Ian Sams. Apologize. And teach America that words have meaning again.

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Andrew Meyer