Laura Loomer Met with Supporters of Her Campaign at President Trump’s Rally

Congressional candidate Laura Loomer attended President Donald Trump's rally in Broward County, Florida, and met with supporters.

On Tuesday, Congressional candidate Laura Loomer attended President Donald Trump‘s rally in Broward County, Florida.

“Happy to be here to support my future constituent, President Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump!!!” wrote Loomer on Telegram. “I can’t wait to represent the people of FL 21 in Palm Beach, Florida where President Trump and Mrs Trump are now residents!”

Outside the rally, many Loomer fans took pictures with the candidate.

Inside the rally, many other attendees spotted Loomer and took photos.

“This is turning out to be the greatest day,” wrote Lola on Twitter. “Just met Laura Loomer Running for congress.”

In a Where’s Waldo type photo, Loomer was even spotted standing out in an enormous crowd.

“Laura Loomer For Congress volunteers out in full force at the Trump rally in Florida!” Loomer wrote after the rally. “The energy behind my campaign is INCREDIBLE! There’s only one candidate who can and will win FL district 21! And I’m going to do it.”

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Andrew Meyer