Scott Adams’s New Book Loserthink is Selling Bigly and Changing Lives

Loserthink is making best seller lists, and many readers are posting online about what they've learned from the book.

Scott Adams recently released book Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America has been making a big impact on both best seller lists and the lives of its readers.

Adams thanked all his “haters and trolls” online for helping to make the book a huge success.

Adams also took time to thank his fans.

Sergio Lopez called Loserthink, “The best book of this millenium.”

Others on Twitter described the lessons they’ve learned from the book.

Omar Khateeb wrote, “Great point from @ScottAdamsSays new book #LoserThink. In the end you have to decide whether you want to be right or you want to win. People too often confuse being right with winning.”

Joshua Wilk wrote, “I learned some new skills. My kids are enjoying it too. My 9-year old can easily explain sunk costs.”

Steven Douglas quoted Adams, writing, “leave your lane as often as you can (without inviting major risk) to pick up skills that will complement your talent stack.”

Adams recently spoke about Loserthink with philanthropist Bill Pulte, who gave away copies of the book to his followers.

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Andrew Meyer