Mark Dice Joins Meme Master Carpe Donktum’s New Meme World Website

President Trump's favorite meme maker Carpe Donktum has launched his own website, and YouTube star Mark Dice is joining him.

President Trump‘s favorite meme maker Carpe Donktum has launched his own website,

After having his memes retweeted by President Trump and taken down by Twitter, Carpe Donktum now has his own ban-proof website, and many of the world’s top meme makers are joining him.

After launching with meme makers like Mad Liberals and adding cartoonist Ben Garrison, MemeWorld announced that YouTube sensation Mark Dice was joining the site as a contributor.

Dice recently triggered CNN’s Jim Acosta at the White House Social Media Summit.

Carpe Donktum spoke with Alex Jones to discuss the launch of his new site.

Carpe Donktum recently visited President Trump at the White House with his children. He also recently published an article on Mediaite pushing back against the media’s demonization of symbols and memes.

“The symbol for the Democratic Party is a donkey. The symbol for the Republican Party is an elephant. MANY Trump supporters feel that we no longer belong to either party,” wrote Donktum. “Sure, we vote Republican, but the general feeling is that the GOP is a different side of the same coin. We belong to a new unofficial party, the MAGA party, and its animal spirit is that of a noble lion, strong, brave, and true.”

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Andrew Meyer