Meme Master Carpe Donktum Took His Kids to Meet President Trump

President Trump met with the legendary meme maker Carpe Donktum and told him which memes he enjoyed most.

“Where is the genius? I want to meet the genius,” President Trump said to legendary meme maker Carpe Donktum as he entered the Oval Office.

Donktum spoke with Culttture about his meeting last week with the President.

The first and most important question: which meme did President Trump talk about first?

“We talked about the State of the Union one specifically,” said Donktum. “He said the music was fantastic, he said the music was perfect and he said it was only up for like four hours but it was so great.”

Donktum’s viral meme of Democrats crying during the State of the Union address had millions of views on President Trump’s account before Twitter deleted it. It received millions more views when Donktum himself re-uploaded it.

The President also mentioned this meme about the technical difficulties at the recent Democrat debate.

“We talked about current events…about the future of the campaign…his aspirations for winning 2020,” said Donktum. “Everyone was comfortable in the room. We’re in the Oval Office, we were with the President of the United States. He kind of put everyone at ease. It was like hanging out with someone you’ve known for years.”

Donktum’s children were with him to meet the President, and Trump told one of Donktum’s daughters, “There’s a little box of a red button on my desk. You know what the red button does? Some people say it launches nukes. Should we press it?”

She pressed the button, and the President looked around the room to see what would happen. A Secret Service agent put his hand up to his ear and said, “I’m right here Mr. President.”

“Everybody laughed,” Donktum said.

Donktum and another meme maker by the Twitter name @mad_liberals arrived at the White House in the middle of the afternoon, so no McDonald’s was served at the meeting.

Instead, the President gave Donktum, “Three bags full of schwag from the gift shop…ten of his bill signing pens from the desk drawer of the Resolute desk…He grabs a stack of MAGA hats and puts them in there, it’s insane.”

Carpe Donktum’s haul from meeting President Trump

The President also gave the meme maker tickets for his July 4th speech.

Asked whether President Trump was as high energy in person as he appears on TV, Donktum said, “He’s exactly like you would expect him to be in real life. He was engaged with everyone in the room.”

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Andrew Meyer