OANN Files $10 Million Suit Against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC Over Russian Agent Accusations

MSNBC parent corporation Comcast is also being sued for anti-competitive behavior for banning OAN from cable packages.

On July 22, Rachel Maddow claimed on air that OANN was “literally paid Russian programming.”

Maddow, at best, grossly exaggerated a report from a Daily Beast article that OANN correspondent Kristian Brunovich Rouz was also writing for the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

The lawsuit which was filed by OANN CEO Robert Herring, also accuses Comcast, MSNBC’s parent company, of “anti-competitive censorship” because the network refuses to carry the network as part of its cable line-up. The lawsuit also accuses Maddow of knowing her defamatory statement was false when she made it.

Herring announced the filing of the lawsuit on Twitter.

In the corporate news reporting of this story, outlets like The Hill have called OANN a “conservative network.” OAN reporter Jack Posobiec pointed out the discrepancy between corporate media reports on right leaning organizations and left leaning organizations.

“Notice how MSNBC is never referred to as ‘liberal network,'” wrote Posobiec.

OAN’s lawsuit can be found here.

Culttture previously reported on OANN’s lawsuit before it was filed. OAN reporters including Emerald Robinson and Chanel Rion had some choice comments for Maddow.

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Yvonne Burton