Philanthropist Bill Pulte Offers $10,000 To A Worthy Cause On Twitter

The Blight Authority has helped cities on a big scale and now seeks to help a few worthy people in need.

  • Bill Plute is offering 10,000 dollars to anyone who can justify why they need the money or a cause that is worthy of the money.
  • Follow him on Twitter (@Pulte) and reply to the tweet below with your comments by July 2nd for your chance to be considered
  • Pulte says he will pay by @CashApp

Bill Pulte, CEO of Pulte Capital, is best known for his efforts to end blight in the city of Detroit. Pulte has been taking his knowledge of improving urban areas to even more cities using “mass demolition tactics to improve safety in some of the cities worst neighborhoods.”

Now Pulte is offering a 10,000 dollar reward to someone who can best show why they need this money or any cause you believe best deserves it. You must follow him on Twitter by July 2nd and reply to the tweet below in the comments about your need or cause for a chance to win.

Pulte is also offering $1,000 today to a single mom in need of necessities like food and shelter.

Earlier today, Pulte sent $100 to a Navy veteran for a bed for her child after (@codeofvets) requested help in aiding this family. Bill Pulte means business when he’s trying to help those in need. Social media is full of the dark side of this world so let’s help spread some light!

Pulte’s Blight Authority was featured on Fox News for helping improve the outlook of several urban areas.

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