Bill Pulte Starts Trend of Twitter Philanthropy to Award $1 Million Online

Pulte today fulfilled his pledge of giving $30,000 to a veteran, guaranteed with a retweet by President Trump.


After the huge success and popularity of bestowing $10,000 to a homeless veteran, philanthropist Bill Pulte upped the ante bigly.

Pulte announced that he will give away $1 million on Twitter once he receives one million Twitter followers, and started the hashtag #TwitterPhilanthropy to inspire others to take similar actions.

President Trump, Candace Owens, and others helped share Pulte’s philanthropic movement, with Trump’s retweet guaranteeing Pulte’s pledge of $30,000 to a veteran.

Today, Pulte fulfilled his promise, delivering a $20,000 new car and $10,000 in cash to a female combat veteran and single mom, Lena Ramon.

Others are also getting inspired and following Pulte’s example.

It looks like Bill Pulte has just changed the game of giving, while cutting costs in charity management and going straight to the people in need.

“I understand giving quietly but I also understand in the 21st century that giving publicly can lead to helping more people by crowdfunding, tapping people who otherwise might not have given, and most importantly, helping those who wouldn’t have gotten help anywhere else,” Pulte explained.

In a Periscope, Pulte gave a full explanation for why he began with his pledge to give away $103,000 on Twitter.

Some of the early recipients of Pulte’s giving have shared their gratitude on Twitter.

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Chris Gregory