Tony Robbins Announces Lawsuit Against BuzzFeed, Calls Out Fake News Media

Motivational guru Tony Robbins announced today he is suing BuzzFeed, and he called out corporate media in the process.

Motivational guru Tony Robbins announced today he is suing BuzzFeed.

Robbins’s article is something to behold.

Here is an excerpt:

“Today, when anyone can spread gossip and false information without consequence, and online and entertainment media companies disguise themselves as ‘news organizations’, we must ask a fundamental question: Who is watching the watchdogs?”

Robbins added:

“Far from the watchdogs they once were, too many members of today’s tabloid and entertainment media ignore traditional journalistic ethics, values and standards. Too often, in the hyper-competitive, celebrity-driven and political charged environment that currently exists, they fail to verify facts and vet sources, and are permitted to present predetermined stories supporting an agenda or outcome they believe will sow the most outrage and engagement with their target audiences whether true or not.

For this reason, I am now suing BuzzFeed following a premeditated and malicious campaign against me and my life’s work.”

Back in May, Robbins wrote an open letter to the BuzzFeed editorial board and board of directors, and called out their refusal to meet with them “to present key evidence that contradicts your false allegations. You do not seek the truth; you seek to further your own agenda.”

BuzzFeed has been called out for spreading fake news on many occasions over the last few years especially.

Back in April, Culttture published an article exposing a BuzzFeed writer’s defamation of filmmaker Mike Cernovich after the release of his film Blood Money. The film exposes the influence operations of the terrorist-supporting nation Qatar inside the U.S.

BuzzFeed has admitted it is a “media partner” of the Qatar backed “Doha Forum.” Doha is the capital of Qatar.

BuzzFeed also famously spread the fake news that reported that President Trump had instructed his lawyer Michael Cohen, to lie in his testimony to Congress.

The article now bears the laughably understated retraction: “UPDATE: The Mueller report found that Trump did not direct Michael Cohen to lie.”

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Andrew Meyer