MAGA Stars Demand Pardon for Roger Stone as Evidence Points to Rigged Jury

Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Owen Shroyer, and Ali Alexander are some of the MAGA stars calling for a pardon.

One of the jurors in Roger Stone’s trial, a donor to Beto O’Rourke named Seth Cousins, has admitted in the Washington Post that the jury was unconcerned with the case for Stone’s defense.

Cousins wrote, “The defense offered by Stone’s attorney can be summed up in to two words: So what?”

Many of President Trump‘s staunchest supporters have urged the president to pardon Roger Stone in light of this, and other troubling evidence that suggests Stone did not receive a fair trial.

OAN reporter Jack Posobiec has helped promote a petition to pardon Roger Stone, which currently has over 24,000 signatures.

“Stone’s defense was not ‘so what’ - his defense was that his only go-between with Wikileaks was Credico, which is what he had testified to the House,” wrote Posobiec. “Prosecutors claimed Stone did not tell the House about Jerome Corsi contacting Wikileaks, but Stone’s lawyers pointed out Corsi had no actual contact with Wikileaks and was not credible.”

Actor Robert Davi tweeted, “CORRUPTION Roger Stone Juror Outs Himself as Hard Core Leftist After Trial and Before Sentencing, Proves Poisoned Jury Pool Theory.”

Author Mike Cernovich shared a clip of Stone in 2017 accurately calling out subversive infiltrators into the Trump administration like Fiona Hill, tweeting “This is why they destroyed Roger Stone.”

Tucker Carlson called out the jackboot treatment given to Stone, contrasting it with the white glove treatment given to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander said on Periscope, “I believe that Roger Stone is the victim of prosecutorial misconduct,” and urged supporters to call the White House to demand a pardon.

Owen Shroyer, Stone’s former co-host on Infowars‘s The War Room before Stone was subject to a gag order during his trial by an Obama-appointed judge, tweeted about the injustice of the treatment Stone suffered.

“First they took Roger Stone’s free speech, then they took his life,” tweeted Shroyer, adding “banned on social media, gagged by Judge; rigged court case against him, life prison sentence. See how this works? See how the left works?”

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson also spoke out against the railroading of Roger Stone.

Gavin McInnes spoke out against the guilty charges, saying that Roger Stone did nothing wrong.

Rapper Mint Chip, also known as LiL Trump, made a rap song in support of pardoning Stone, with lyrics like, “Free Roger Stone, lock the Bidens up. Free Roger Stone, lock the Clintons up.”

“Roger Stone never cut a deal with Mueller to testify against Trump. Unlike many who did,” wrote Jack Posobiec. “They would have dropped all the charges. But Stone never took it.”

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Andrew Meyer