Week in Review with Elly Maye — Episode 6

It’s been a wild week in the culture wars. Elly Maye looks back on everything that went down.

Elly Maye breaks down another wild week in the culture wars…

Some of the highlights:

  • Former President Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen testified before Congress.
  • Comedian Terrence K. Williams chimed in on the Cohen testimony and shared a very moving video of kids singing to him during his hospital stay.
  • Jacob Wohl, Laura Loomer and the Culttture team were in Minnesota to investigate Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.
  • Candace Owens announced her new podcast on Prager University.
  • James O’Keefe released a video of a former Facebook employee documenting censorship at the tech giant.

Last week didn’t disappoint, as former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testified before Congress about his dealings with the President. Comedian Terrence K. Williams shared his thoughts on the proceedings and a video of kids singing to him while he was recovering in the hospital.

The Culttture team, along with Jacob Wohl and Laura Loomer conducted their investigation of Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis. Candace Owens launched her new podcast with guest Roseanne Barr and James O’Keefe released a video documenting Facebook censorship of conservatives.

Watch the full video above to get the rundown.

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