Alex Jones Appears On Logan Paul’s YouTube Show ‘Impaulsive’

The InfoWars frontman appeared with the polarizing YouTuber last week.


Logan Paul recently invited InfoWars Host Alex Jones on his podcast Impaulsive as a guest.

  • On April 10th, 2019 the YouTube star Logan Paul invited Alex Jones on as a guest on his podcast “Impaulsive”.
  • During the two hour podcast Logan Paul and Alex Jones discussed a variety topics including Sandy Hook, InfoWars products and being banned from social media.
  • Jones has been blacklisted from major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Dlive, iTunes, Roku and more.

After appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast last month InfoWars host and political commentator Alex Jones appeared on Logan Paul’s newest media endeavor, Impaulsive. For a little over two hours the duo discussed a wide variety of topics.

In between being guests on The Powerful JRE and Impaulsive, Alex Jones along side Eddie Bravo appeared on Sam Tripoli’s YouTube show Tinfoil Hat. Jones mentioned during Impulsive that his next guest feature would be on The Church of Whats Happening Now with Joey Diaz.

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Chris Gregory