Acculturate Episode 7 - “Extremely Online” Logo Daedalus

Lev & Jules welcome the pseudonymous and "extremely online" R. Cam (@Logo_Daedalus) for a wide-ranging conversation.

Lev & Jules chop it up with Logo Daedalus

In Episode 7 of Acculturate with Lev & Jules, the guys welcome the pseudonymous and “extremely online” R. Cam (@Logo_Daedalus) and chat about many things, including:

  • The actual meaning of his Twitter handle and avatar
  • His wavering trust in President Donald Trump
  • His @Medium series on Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s #YangGang
  • Kanye West’s impact on culture
  • Consequences of raising the minimum wage and automation

Former contributor to, R. Cam is newly a first time author of his first novel “Selfie, Suicide: or Cairey Turnbull’s Blue Skiddoo” and currently working on a @Medium series about presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s #YangGang.

In this in-depth chat with Lev & Jules, R. Cam touches on many interesting topics, including his wavering trust in Donald Trump, #YangGang, Kanye West’s impact on culture and the consequences of raising the minimum wage and automation.

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