An0maly Raps Over Viral #MAGAChallenge Beat by Bryson Gray

Rapper Bryson Gray, aka B.Surius, went viral with a rap challenge to MAGA supporters, and rap star An0maly rose to the occasion.

Independent rapper Bryson Gray, who goes by the names B.Surius and KingVodka, challenged the internet to “make liberals cry” with a rap over his #MAGACHALLENGE beat.

Rap star and news analyst An0maly took B.Surius up on the challenge.

An0maly wasn’t the only Trump supporter to drop a few lines on B.Surius’s beat.

B.Surius previously released the song “Black Not Democrat,” and the song was flagged by Instagram. The song does not appear to violate any of Instagram’s terms of service.

Culttture previously covered An0maly’s concert at the House of Blues and the release of his track “Matrix Breaker.

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Andrew Meyer