Philanthropist Bill Pulte Gives Away $10,000 on Twitter

A veteran and his daughter are moving out of homelessness thanks to Pulte and everyone that raised awareness of his offer on Twitter.


Philathropist Bill Pulte awarded $10,000 on Twitter last week to the worthiest cause he could find.

Pulte asked his followers to retweet him and for anyone to comment with a worthy cause that he should give $10,000 to on July 2nd.

After earning nearly 9,000 retweets, likes and comments Bill announced the winner of the Twitter contest: Gretchen Smith of Code of Vets, a group dedicated to helping American veterans, and a special veteran she nominated. After hearing she won the contest, Gretchen Smith released a Periscope thanking Bill Pulte.

Code of Vets announced the $10,000 would go to help veteran Robert P. and his daughter Megan. Smith says the money will permanently move the veteran out of homelessness.

Culttture wrote previously of Pulte’s contest and work cleaning up urban areas with the Blight Authority.

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Chris Gregory