BuzzFeed Threatens to Dox Carpe Donktum, Endanger His Wife and Children

The legendary meme maker is being threatened with inevitable harassment and potential violence against his wife and children by BuzzFeed.

The corporate media blog BuzzFeed is threatening to dox meme maker Carpe Donktum by releasing his name and endangering his wife and children.

Donktum’s wife and children are not public figures, and several public figures including Tucker Carlson have had their families threatened by left wing hate groups after similar doxxings.

Donktum recently met President Trump in the White House, and also attended the Social Media Summit. The corporate media has been writing hit pieces about many of the recent summit attendees.

Scott Adams warned that if BuzzFeed doxxes Donktum’s family, “it will be the end of BuzzFeed.”

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Andrew Meyer