CJ Pearson Challenges Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg to Debate

Pearson challenged climate change activist Greta Thunberg to a debate on the subject as protests raged nationwide.

Prominent young conservative CJ Pearson challenged climate change doomsayer Greta Thunberg to a debate on the subject over the weekend.

Thunberg is a Swedish teen who has been given international headlines by corporate media as “climate strike” protests take place across America.

Pearson previously debated “internet marketing guru” Bryan Sharpe, who goes by “Hotep Jesus” online, educating him on the subject of reparations. Pearson’s intelligence at his young age was praised by Joe Rogan after the debate.

Today, Pearson again challenged Thunberg to debate, tweeting, “You accuse the world of ‘stealing your childhood,’ @GretaThunberg, but the only people that have stolen your childhood are the leftists who have weaponized you as a political prop.”

“You speak often on the ideals you hold, but when will you ever be forced to defend them?”

Pearson’s comment on leftists stealing Thunberg’s childhood has been echoed by many.

One video that many are using to explain Thunberg’s parents’s decision to turn her life into a real-life version of The Truman Show, shows her mother Malena Ernman-Thunberg in a strange theatrical role.

Many in the corporate media, including reporters that criticized high school boys from Covington Catholic High School for wearing MAGA hats, have said that Thunberg can not be criticized.

Rap star An0maly tweeted a thread on climate change that went viral, stating up front that, “I was a huge believer in Climate Change as a youth. I wanted to save the environment. Then I caught one lie. Then two. Then three. Then I read the current data. Then I realized they’ve been exaggerating & fear-mongering headlines for decades. They are brainwashing the kids.”

The idea of climate change bringing the world to an end has been pushed by leftist politicians including Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“The biggest health care crisis today is telling kids they’ll be dead in 10 years,” wrote prominent investor Adam Townsend.

More and more, leftists are using children as a weapon in their political movements. Fog City Midge recently caught three public schools in San Francisco teaching children as young as five years old to march and chant that they hate the president of the United States.

Townsend asked why the “Primal Screaming Green Kids” aren’t protesting at the Chinese embassy, as China produces more carbon emissions than any country in the world. China also creates more air pollution than any country in the world.

Highlighting the effect of homeschooling, retired Colonel Rob Maness wrote about how his homeschooled son “understands that socialism is much more deadly than man’s impact on climate.”

Antifa, the leftist terrorist organization that counts many college professors among its ranks, assaulted police officers as part of the recent “climate strikes.”

As for Thunberg, her thunder was stolen when President Trump commanded the attention of the room when he stopped by United Nations climate summit this morning.

As for Pearson, he recently spoke with Chicago’s 560 The Answer to discuss his future aspirations.

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Andrew Meyer