Culttture Live - Elly Maye Interviews Laura Loomer

Laura Dishes On Her Recent CAIR Protest, Sabo's Street Art, Censorship and more...

Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer with Elly Maye on Culttture Live

Here’s a quick recap, but be sure and watch the video above:

  • Her recent CAIR fundraiser protest
  • Sabo’s “shocking” street art
  • Vice President Mike Pence calling for Ilhan Omar’s removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Censorship and encroachment on civil liberties due to the creeping Sharia law supporters in Congress

Culttture’s Elly Maye interviewed conservative journalist Laura Loomer on Culttture Live on Instagram last night.

Laura discussed her recent protest of the CAIR fundraiser in Los Angeles and how Sabo’s “shocking” street art is necessary in the culture war.

Loomer also praised Vice President Mike Pence for calling for the removal of Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and raised the alarm about the censorship and encroachment on civil liberties happening as a result of Sharia supporters in Congress.

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Elly Maye