Milo Yiannopoulos’s Soulful Music Debut Blocked By Music Distributor

Milo's new single "Silver & Gold" was blocked from release by CD Baby

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  • The Valentine’s Day release of Milo Yiannopoulos‘s song “Silver & Gold” was prevented yesterday by music distributor CD Baby.
  • Milo says half a dozen ignored emails and weeks of unresponsiveness on the part of CD Baby occurred before they informed him his single was being blocked the day before release.

After being deplatformed on Twitter, Milo is now being similarly shunned by the online music industry.

Culttture previously covered the much anticipated release of Milo’s new single “Silver & Gold.”

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Andrew Meyer



  1. As he stated, Milo had weeks of warnings to plan an alternative platform if this one fell through. For us, there must always be a Plan B.

    He seems to passively wait for things to fall apart (remember the Berkeley Free Speech fiasco?), rather than proactively having alternative plans in place - almost as if he’d rather be a martyr than a success. Definitely not Gorilla Mindset!