Threats Against Free Speech Rally Reportedly Made by a “Journalist”

The "Demand Free Speech" rally set for July 6th in Washington D.C, is being threatened by the left wing hate group Antifa.

The “Demand Free Speech” rally set for July 6th in Washington D.C, is being threatened by the left wing hate group Antifa, with some of the threats reportedly made by a journalist.

The free speech event features speakers censored from social media including Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Gavin McInnes, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

On Telegram, a user by the name “POUND ON YOUR BOY” - the name is a veiled threat against the pro-Trump men’s organzation the Proud Boys - made posts threatening attendees of the upcoming D.C. event. One of the posts threatened “a nice Balloon filled with Muriatric Acid.”

Cassandra Fairbanks has reported that a law enforcement source has “a suspect for who is behind these threats — and that person is a “journalist.”

Many so-called “journalists” have shown support for Antifa on social media, including Parker Molloy of Media Matters and Chris Cuomo of CNN.

The Antifa threats are being taken seriously, especially following the brutal attacks on an elderly man and reporter Andy Gno in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.

Author Mike Cernovich, whose 2017 event in Washington D.C., the Deploraball, was targeted by Antifa terrorists, tweeted that “DC police don’t mess around though, so Antifa won’t be able to ‘pull a Portland’.”

An Antifa terrorist also brutally attacked a 56-year-old Jewish attendee outside of Cernovich’s 2018 New York event “A Night for Freedom.”

In the wake of the acid attack threats, prominent speakers and journalists set to cover the event have been weighing their plans.

Slightly Offensive’s Elijah Schaffer tweeted, “My team isn’t going to be intimidated. Our flights are booked and our cameras will be rolling.”

In addition to the Antifa threats, Ali Alexander has been receiving death threats after the NY Times libeled him as alt-right and published a hoax conspiracy theory about him.

Alexander tweeted, “Because of all the death threats I’m getting (due to Maggie Haberman’s hit piece on me in The New York Times wherein the headline doesn’t reflect anything I said), I’m having to hire security for my DC trip.”

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Chris Gregory