Trump Supporters Rally At DC Restaurant After Manager Boots “Progressive” for Harassing Customer in MAGA Hat

A "progressive" ignited a firestorm and a pro-Trump party after harassing MAGA hat wearing customers at Hill Country BBQ.

  • Hill Country BBQ Market made the news on Friday when TJ Helmstetter tweeted about calling a tourist wearing a MAGA hat at the restaurant a Nazi.
  • Helmstetter, who calls himself a “progressive communicator,” complained that the manager asked him to leave instead of the MAGA hat-wearing tourist and his girlfriend.
  • After the story started going viral on Twitter, Jack Posobiec tweeted out an invitation for Trump supporters to meet at the restaurant for Happy Hour
  • Over 200 people showed up for MAGA meet and greet.

TJ Helmstetter calls himself a progressive communicator, but he probably had no idea what he ignited when he tweeted about being kicked out of Hill Country BBQ Market in Washington, D.C., after harassing complete strangers who were tourists with a MAGA hat.

Helmstetter seemed to be bragging when he tweeted about asking a complete stranger if he was from D.C. and telling the stranger, “we don’t tolerate racism in this city.” He claims the man’s girlfriend assaulted him by jabbing him in the chest, and threatened him before the manager came over and asked Helmstetter to leave the restaurant - but allowed the MAGA hat wearing tourist to stay.

Helmstetter went home and called the manager to complain about the situation. The manager responded by saying, “the restaurant is an equal opportunity restaurant who welcomes all political viewpoints.”

Shortly after all of these details broke online, OAN reporter Jack Posobiec tweeted out an invitation for all Trump supporters to meet up at the restaurant later that afternoon.

TJ Helmstetter has since made his Twitter account private, but thanks to his tweets the MAGA meetup was a major hit with around 200 people showing up for the event.

TJ Helmstetter now says he is leaving public relations to go start his own flower design studio. The Culttture team wishes him all the best!

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Yvonne Burton