Bill Pulte’s Twitter Philanthropy is Changing Lives and Inspiring Millions

The founder of #TwitterPhilanthropy, Bill Pulte has not only changed lives with his generosity, he's inspired many others to join in the sharing.


Bill Pulte, who has worked for years to reinvigorate cities with his organization The Blight Authority, started a massive trend months ago with the simple hashtag #TwitterPhilanthropy.

Using that hashtag, Pulte asked for people truly in need to respond so he could take direct action and help genuinely worthy causes.

Since that time, Pulte has given away $10,000 to a homeless veteran, a $20,000 new car and $10,000 in cash to female combat veteran and single mom, Lena Ramon, and done many, many more inspiring acts of sharing.

Pulte’s sharing has inspired many people to become his “teammates” and join in the sharing.

In his latest round of sharing, Pulte is sharing $500 with 25 people - and working with some of the most popular personalities on Twitter to share even more.

Prominent conservative CJ Pearson gave away $1000 with the help of Pulte, and wrote, “I had such a good time today providing resources and help to those who need it most as a part of #TwitterPhilanthropy. When we serve as our brother’s keeper, the government doesn’t have to.”

Tanya Tay Posobiec, the wife of OAN reporter Jack Posobiec, also joined in on the sharing phenomenon, sharing $1000 between five “amazing mothers.”

Donald Trump Jr. promoted Twitter Philanthropy with a retweet that helped trigger a pledge of $10,000 to help the Bahamas.

Proving the old axiom that “no good deed goes unpunished,” amidst Pulte’s acts of sharing, some on Twitter began speaking against Pulte’s sharing efforts.

US Navy veteran Tom Sauer pushed back against the critics of Pulte’s generosity, writing “Bill personally helped raise a ton of money for my close friend’s co-worker after they lost everything in a fire. I’m exceptionally grateful to him for that.”

Retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness seconded that sentiment, writing, “Agree Tom. @pulte helped (along with @codeofvets) with getting a new car and new teeth for one of our homeless vets. Nothing asked in return but love. I’m with anyone with that much goodness in them. Grateful for his #TwitterPhilanthropy and I support his efforts.”

“Bill Pulte is building a social network around charitable giving. Even he gets hate,” wrote Gorilla Mindset author Mike Cernovich. “Even people who GIVE MONEY TO POOR FAMILIES get attacked, that says it all.”

“When we love people, we bring ourselves closer to them,” Bill Pulte tweeted recently. “When we bring ourselves closer to them, we are connected. In this connection, there is harmony which leads to peace.”

Here’s a rundown of a few more of the popular people on Twitter that shared Pulte’s push for sharing with even more worthy causes through Twitter Philanthropy.

Fleccas Talks host Austen Fletcher:

MAGA Meetup Las Vegas co-founder Courtney Holland:

Win Bigly author Scott Adams:

Culttture‘s own Daniel Bostic:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell:

New media pioneer Wayne Dupree:

Co-Chairman of Trump Students Ryan Fournier:

Host of “Pardes LivePardes Seleh:

Importing Ilhan director Ali Alexander:

The American Spectator managing editor Melissa Mackenzie:

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Andrew Meyer