Chase Bank Closes Black Conservative Leader’s Bank Account Over His Politics

No banking for minority Proud Boys president

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  • Enrique Tarrio is a leader of the Proud Boys, a conservative men’s club that promotes “Western culture.”
  • Chase Bank closed down Tarrio’s bank account after his website began selling “Roger Stone did nothing wrong” t-shirts.
  • Tarrio is an Afro-Cuban but has been banned by several major corporations after the SPLC labeled the Proud Boys a “hate organization.”

Enrique Tarrio, an Afro-Cuban leader of a conservative men’s club, had his personal bank account closed by Chase Bank - because of his politics. Tarrio is a Chairman of the Proud Boys fraternal organization which promotes a love of “Western culture.”

After Tarrio began selling t-shirts with the slogan “Roger Stone did nothing wrong” on his website, Chase Bank’s payment processor shut down Tarrio’s ability to use their service. Days later, Chase Bank shut down Tarrio’s personal account.

Letter written from Chase to Tarrio ending his account with them.

An independent blog was given the story by Tarrio.

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4.1k shares, 3 points
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