Gavin McInnes sits down with popular YouTube podcast to discuss the ‘War on Color’

Gavin McInnes sits down with 1791L to discuss the restoration of 'color' in American life.

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  • Last week, conservative commentator Gavin McInnes sat down with Christian O’Brien and Lex Villena of Diet of Worms to talk about the “war on color,” its effects on society and what it means for the future if we don’t fight against censorship.
  • McInnes is currently suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for defaming him, publishing “false, damaging and defamatory statements,” and attempting to de-platform him.
  • 1791L is a YouTube channel and subsidiary of American media collective Diet of Worms, dedicated to creating a “new plane of ideas and possibility, freed from sanitized restriction.”

Having been censored on all major social media platforms (outside of YouTube) and in the midst of a lawsuit against the SPLC, Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes has found himself at the center of the “war on color,” fighting against media and tech conglomerates that actively censor dissidents. The “war on color” in this context is roughly defined as “the restoration of ‘color’ in American life - the ability to speak in free and comedic terms without being taken so seriously.”

In a short video on YouTube, Diet of Worms (1791L) compares the censorship of McInnes to that of music icons like Eminem and groups like NWA in the 1990’s and early 2000’s who were targeted by censorship campaigns for their “negative social influences.”

The video describes how the “fall of Gavin” is an extremely worrying development to anyone who doesn’t want to live in a country with rampant censorship and group-think.

Illustrating the importance of winning this cultural battle, McInnes said “he more you stifle diversity of opinion - the more you stifle this color - the less America you have.”

You can also view Gavin’s full interview with 1791L here.

You can support Gavin McInnes’ lawsuit against the SPLC by going to

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