Roger Stone Forced to Move out of Fort Lauderdale Home While Awaiting Trial in November

Stone and his wife are leaving the home both to save money and for security reasons.

  • Thursday, political consultant Roger Stone announced via Instagram that he and his wife “have been forced to move to a small one bedroom apartment in an undisclosed location” while awaiting trial in November.
  • This comes about a month after reports originally broke that Stone had a “For Rent By Owner” sign in front of the same home that the dramatic, pre-dawn FBI raid took place in January.
  • Stone claims that he has already lost his car, insurance, savings, and ability to make a living as a result of the charges that have been brought against him in the Mueller Investigation.
Roger Stone and Wife

On January 25th, Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI on charges of witness tampering, obstruction of justice and making false statements in a case brought by Robert Mueller, the special counsel that investigated issues connected with Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

Soon afterwards, the former longtime political confidant to President Trump announced that he would plead not guilty in what he described as “process” crimes that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Stone now finds himself in the “fight of his life” and what has proven to be an extremely costly legal battle.

In a brief and sentimental post this Thursday evening on Instagram, Stone had this to say: “Sad day. Having lost my home, car, insurance, savings and ability to make a living while awaiting trial in November in which I have pled not guilty my wife and I have been forced to move to a small one bedroom apartment in an undisclosed location. You can help me by going to”

After being arrested back in January and announcing that he would plead not guilty, Stone told reporters that this is a “politically motivated investigation” and that under “no circumstances” would he “bear false witness” against his friend and the President, Donald Trump.

You can donate to Roger Stone’s defense fund here.

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Clint Whitney