Week in Review with Elly Maye — Episode 8

It’s been a wild week in the culture wars. Elly Maye looks back on everything that went down.

Culttture’s Elly Maye shares the week’s most interesting stories

Some of the highlights:

  • Filmmaker Mike Cernovich had a big win in court in his Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit
  • Kim Kardashian West is paying 5 years of rent for Matthew Charles, who was a guest of President Trump at the State of the Union address
  • Culttture released their first documentary, Importing Ilhan, which was directed by Ali Alexander. The film investigates potential immigration and marriage fraud committed by Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar
  • Terrence K. Williams update on his health
  • Tucker Carlson vs. Media Matters

It was another eventful week, starting with filmmaker Mike Cernovich getting a big win in his lawsuit to bring transparency to the Jeffrey Epstein sentencing cover up.

Kim Kardashian West announced that she’ll be paying 5 years of rent for Matthew Charles, the first person released under the First Step Act.

Tucker Carlson refused to back down and went off on far left Media Matters.

Culttture released their first documentary, Importing Ilhan. The film, directed by Ali Alexander, investigates Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar‘s potential marriage and immigration fraud.

Watch the video above to get the full rundown.

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Elly Maye